For the record

By Morgan McKinniss -

Deputies investigate break-ins

Over the weekend a string of break-ins occurred both in the Clay Township and Green Township area, primarily in vehicles and outbuildings according to Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin.

Regarding these instances, deputies are taking reports and speaking with victims of those crimes, as well as doing saturation patrols in the targeted areas as a preventative measure, according to Champlin.

Champlin encourages the public to always take measures to protect yourself regarding a breaking and entering situation. Precautions can be taken to help mitigate chances of being a victim of a break-in. Champlin suggests the public double-check that vehicles are locked at night and any valuables not left in plain sight inside. Out-buildings and barns should also be secured as best as possible.

Deputies engage in pursuit

In Clay Township Saturday morning at approximately 1:18 a.m., a Gallia Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to execute a traffic stop on Clay Chapel Road in which the vehicle failed to stop and initiated a pursuit. Deputies in pursuit lost contact with the vehicle shortly after attempting the traffic stop.

According to Champlin, the vehicle was seen later that morning on Teens Run Road in which the pursuit was re-initiated. Deputies lost contact with the vehicle after a brief pursuit. The vehicle was found later on that day abandoned, and is the subject of further investigation regarding the pursuits in Clay Township.

Truck theft investigated

Over the weekend in Green Township, a truck was stolen from Bostic Road. The initial report reportedly came into Gallia County 911 from the owner at 8:06 p.m. on Saturday. The truck has since been recovered by law enforcement and this incident is currently being investigated further by the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office.

By Morgan McKinniss