GIB to hold fall planting

By Dean Wright -

City Park will play host to Gallipolis in Bloom’s fall planting Saturday.

City Park will play host to Gallipolis in Bloom’s fall planting Saturday.

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis in Bloom will be holding its Fall Planting Day at 10 a.m. this Saturday in City Park.

Prospective volunteers can meet by the clock on Second Avenue. The event is open to all. Volunteers are asked to bring digging tools, gloves and not be afraid to get a bit dirty.

According to GIB Volunteer Coordinator Kim Canaday, if around 50 individuals appear the group could plant its designated winter spaces in around an hour to an hour and a half.

“We’ll be planting winter pansies and decorative mustard plants for fall and winter,” said Canaday. “We plant all the ground containers in the park and all around the city. There are about 80 planters, so we need all the help we can get. The plants (GIB has chosen to plant) can survive the frost.”

Canaday said that being near the river, Gallipolis could be slightly warmer than surrounding areas.

“The (pansies and decorative mustard plants) can be really hardy,” said Canaday. “They’re specifically grown to be planted in October and November. We put cabbage in last year and it will die if a bad storm happens. It killed all the cabbage last year and looked terrible.”

Canaday said the group would also like to clear out the community and pollinator garden on Fourth Avenue but she was unsure if the organization would have time.

Groups will sign up with GIB representatives before being handed plants and then assigned a specific location where they are asked to plant.

“You either get a (big container) or two little ones,” said Canaday.

“We plant in the fall because the (containers) are bare and we don’t like the way they look,” said Canaday. “We’re so used to having our beautiful flower filled city that we don’t like it empty. It looks kind of sad.”

Other than planting day, the group takes part in the December parade and Gallipolis in Lights tree decorating events and then takes a break until the beginning of the new year, when it starts to plan for the coming summer’s America in Bloom competition.

Gallipolis in Bloom for the second year in a row was declared the winner of America in Bloom’s Circle of Champions for small communities earlier in October at the America in Bloom Symposium and Awards Celebration. GIB walked away with a four out of five bloom rating. The score is determined by the overall judging of a community’s collective efforts to meet AIB standards over six categories. Those categories include floral displays, environmental efforts, urban forestry, landscaped areas, heritage preservation and overall impression. Canaday said Gallipolis is traditionally strongest in its floral displays throughout town as well as its historical heritage preservation. She said GIB needed to step up its efforts in urban forestry, however. Canaday said she would like to see GIB increase its environmental efforts presence as well.

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City Park will play host to Gallipolis in Bloom’s fall planting Saturday. Park will play host to Gallipolis in Bloom’s fall planting Saturday.

By Dean Wright