For the record

By Morgan McKinniss -

Marriage licenses filed

The following people have applied for marriage licenses through the Gallia County Probate Court.

David Ramey, Crown City and Stormi Myers, Crown City. Dillan Mota, Cheshire, and Bethany Misner, Cheshire. Joshua Jackson, Thurman, and Kanessa Snyder, Thurman. Brandon Burgess, Crown City, and Jessica Newman, Crown City. Cody Smith, Bidwell, and Sasha Haner, Bidwell. Harold Baity, Jackson MS, and Ereca Armstrong, Bidwell. Jeremy Nichols, Cheshire, and Michelle White, Cheshire. Donald Lambert, Thurman, and Tammy Wright, Gallipolis. Corey Icard, Patriot, and Rebecca Rutt, Gallipolis. David Crager Jr., Gallipolis, and Ronda Phillips, Gallipolis. Adam Doles, Oak Hill, and Courtney Dummitt, Oak Hill. Anthony Yates, Thurman, and Jennifer Stanley, Thurman. Jeffrey Ball, Vinton, and Stephanie Queen, Vinton. Randy Harrison, Gallipolis, and Lori Arthur, Gallipolis. Levi Thompson, Cheshire, and Kaytlyn Ross, Cheshire. Kenny Wroten, Crown City, and Mikayla Poling, Crown City. Jonathan Raber, Gallipolis, and Betty Yoder, Gallipolis. William Warren, Gallipolis, and Bailie Corbin, Gallipolis. Justin Reynolds, Gallipolis, and Shaea Bowman, Gallipolis. Clifton Craft, Thurman, and Tyanna Petty, Thurman. Jeffrey Ward, Vinton, and Sara Henson, Vinton. Douglas Martin, Gallipolis, and Savilla Long, Gallipolis. Mark Wray, Bidwell, and Sherri Sanders, Bidwell. Kevin Merry, Bidwell, and Samantha Simmons, Bidwell. Dustin Dennie, Gallipolis, and Heather Matthews, Gallipolis. Terry Phillips, Crown City, and Amanda Corey, Gallipolis. James Stokes Jr., Bidwell, and Christian Armstrong, Bidwell. Christian Elliot, Ewington, and Ariel Johnston, Creola Ohio. Todd Ross, Patriot, and Tina Caldwell, Vinton. Christopher Williams, Gallipolis, and Richelle Blankenship. Zdenek Navratil, Thurman, and Barbara Golding, Thurman. Arthur Mallett, Sandyville W.Va., and Sherry Altenburger, Ripley W.Va.. Peter Saunders, Vinton, and Heather Green, Vinton.

By Morgan McKinniss