TRIAD meets to discuss strategies

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Senior and law enforcement partnership members of SALT and TRIAD met in the second floor meeting room of the Gallia Courthouse Tuesday to discuss ways to gather new members and ongoing services provided by the Gallia Sheriff’s Office for seniors.

Gallia Deputy Melissa Evans serves as the the sheriff’s office liaison with the group. SALT stands for “Seniors and Law Enforcement working Together.” TRIAD serves as a crime-fighting partnership between law enforcement and seniors. The TRIAD and SALT members are often recognized with one and the same goals.

SALT members discussed the “Are you Okay?” program utilized by the sheriff’s office which calls seniors in the mornings with a voice-activated system to make certain seniors are doing well if they have no other contacts to check on them. Other programs the membership is looking to reboot and improve on include Project Lifesaver which utilizes transmitters placed on individuals coping with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia in hopes of tracking them if they become lost. Evans said ideally she would like to update some of the systems and hardware utilized by the office and would be potentially looking at grants to do so.

SALT President Phyllis Fowler said the Gallia SALT and TRIAD organization, first started in 1988, has had workshops and speakers to educate the public in trends regarding law enforcement and crime. Fellow officers Joyce Jividen and Barb Epling also said it wasn’t uncommon for SALT members to help with voter registration efforts or assisting with public functions at the fair, seminars and other public events.

Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin has attended SALT meetings to share ongoing law concerns. August meetings discussed the number of sex offenders registered throughout the county.

“I am very passionate about protecting our seniors and providing services to them to enhance their quality of life,” said Champlin. “Through SALT and TRIAD we are able to be interactive with Gallia County’s seniors to do our part.”

For more information about how to get involved, contact Deputy Melissa Evans at the Gallia Sheriff’s Office.

Dean Wright can be reached at 740-446-2342, ext. 2103.

By Dean Wright