Ohio to receive grants for apprenticeship programs

COLUMBUS — Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the award of $5 million in grants to support registered apprenticeship programs across the country.

As part of the grant award, Ohio workers will benefit from the Industrial Manufacturing Technician hybrid manufacturing apprenticeship in partnership with unions and their employers. It will promote the growth of the manufacturing sector and advance the skills of production workers. The AFL-CIO Working for America Institute is partnering with Jobs for the Future, a national workforce intermediary, in the collaborative project.

“We are proud of the professional skills that Ohio union apprenticeship programs provide to workers,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga. “Apprenticeships are an important pathway to jobs that provide working people with wages to sustain a family. As we look at innovative ways to combat income inequality and to raise wages for all workers, apprenticeship programs should be at the center of that discussion,” he said.

Burga also expressed his gratitude to Sen. Sherrod Brown, who helped make the new apprenticeship program a reality.

“Once again, Sen. Brown has exemplified what it means to fight for the working people of Ohio,” Burga said. “Sen. Brown continues to fight for Ohio’s manufacturing sector and all its workers so that we can compete in the global economy.”

The apprenticeship grants are part of a larger push by the Obama administration to highlight the need for affordable, quality career and education choices for students and workers.