Philadelphia concertmaster to play with OVS

GALLIPOLIS — Philadelphia Orchestra’s Concertmaster and Cairn University’s Professor of Violin Studies David Kim will be performing with The Ohio Valley Orchestra Sept. 9 at 7:30 p.m. as the orchestra launches its 2017-18 season in the Ariel Opera House.

Kim began playing violin at the age of three and studied under Dorothy DeLay before eventually graduating with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from The Juilliard School. He started playing with the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1999.

“There was a friend who lives here in Philadelphia named Debra Lew Harder and her husband Dr. Tom Harder grew up in Gallipolis. His father was a doctor with a house above the (Ohio River) and they are dear friends of ours,” said Kim. “(Debra) is a doctor, concert pianist and a radio personality here. She arranged for us to perform together with The Ohio Valley Symphony. It was so wonderful. I enjoyed the experience. The orchestra itself, I made so many new friends. The nature of orchestras, you often meet people from far and wide.”

The Philadelphia Orchestra is considered on of the “Big Five” American orchestras and one of the leading performing groups in the world. As concertmaster, Kim is regarded as somewhat of a second in command of the orchestra right behind the orchestra’s maestro. This will be Kim’s third performance with The Ohio Valley Symphony.

“I thank so many people for this life that I lead,” said Kim. “Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra is the first chair violinist with one of the great orchestras for the last 100 years and it comes with so many wonderful perks. That includes incredible international travel every year, performing on stage at Carnegie Hall four times a year, Kennedy Center once a year, European tours, Asian tours, South American tours and so much of that. Then when I’m not playing with the orchestra, I’m given time off to represent the orchestra and go to places like Korea, China, Japan, South America and Gallipolis and other places to play solo concerts. All of these things are incredible privileges for me.”

Kim plays a pair of violins first crafted in the 1750s on loan from the Philadelphia Orchestra. One of which is crafted by J.B Guadagnini, considered by violinists to be one of the best violin luthiers of all time.

Kim will be playing with The Ohio Valley Orchestra as they embark in a number of pieces considered tried and true listening experiences by professional musicians. The Hebrides and Violin Concerto, Op. 64 E Minor, both by Felix Mendelssohn, will be featured during the concert as well as Franz Schubert’s Symphony Number Eight.

Kim recommends for young musicians to be open to new experiences as they never know where their musical careers may lead them.

“I love playing at the (Ariel Opera House),” said Kim. “It’s so intimate. It’s a throwback as an old vaudeville theater. The audience is right there close to you…I consider it something special and normally I may play in halls 10 or 15 times bigger than that…I love that it’s always full and the audience and community really loves and supports and lifts up this orchestra. I’ve seen orchestras in much bigger cities that are bankrupting and folding and this one is doing quite well. I give a lot of credit to (Maestro) Ray Fowler and the Ariel’s Executive Director Lora Snow.”

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David Kim Kim

By Dean Wright