Field of Hope is open for business

VINTON — Field of Hope will start receiving residents for the Hope House program next week.

Last Thursday was the final state inspection for Field of Hope, granting them licensure to operate as an addiction recovery center. The facility, consisting of Hope House and office complex is certified for occupancy and service.

“Recovery is different than rehabilitation. Recovery housing is what we have a severe lack of around here,” said Kevin Dennis, CEO of Field of Hope. “We will get ladies that are rehabilitating and we will help get them back on their feet by teaching life skills and job skills.”

One of the main components of Hope House and recovery is teaching persons how to life a productive and beneficial life. According to Dennis, many addicts start their addiction around the age of 13. Because of this, many people that are addicts haven’t learned necessary life skills.

“What happens, is you never learn how to live. So when you finally come to your senses and you’re 25 years old, you’ve never learned how to shop, how to pay your bills on time, because none of that stuff has mattered,” stated Dennis. Recovering addicts are starting completely over, and Hope House is there to help teach them how to be a part of society and be responsible for themselves.

“Recovery allows them a transition time between dealing with addiction and to getting to a normal life” said Dennis. Dennis also explained that there is more beyond just the social components to recovery. Group and individual counselling is a major component as well. The staff at Hope House has certified drug and alcohol addiction counselors, some of which have personally overcome addiction.

Not only is the building safe for occupancy and recovery, the staff have been certified and trained for their protection and for those in the program.

“What I think it does, is it gives you credibility. You have policies and procedures in place for the clients’ protection,” said Dennis. “It gives people confidence to come to us.”

Currently the residential program is only for women, but the outpatient program is open to everyone. For anyone that wants to learn more about Hope House and addiction recovery, call 740-388-8454 and ask for line three, or 740-645-4963. Dennis has high hopes and expectations for this new program, which began 11 years ago with the addiction counselling that began at Vinton Baptist Church. This new facility allows Field of Hope to reach more people in more ways.

“When they leave this program we want them to be ready to start contributing instead of taking from society,” stated Dennis.

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In June. Field of Hope held a ribbon cutting for the Hope House. Next week, the first residents will begin the process of addiction recovery. June. Field of Hope held a ribbon cutting for the Hope House. Next week, the first residents will begin the process of addiction recovery. Morgan McKinniss|OVP

By Morgan McKinniss

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