Candidates to be approved by Gallia board of elections

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — With the fast approach of the November elections, the Gallia Board of Elections has its final list of candidates to be considered before approval during an Aug. 18 meeting.

According to Director of the Gallia Board of Elections Dale Whitt, the board is in the midst of double-checking petition signatures in order to make certain prospective candidates have followed the appropriate measures to run for office.

Based on a listed information provided by the board office, Aaron Buckley, Erin Buckley, Cody Caldwell, T. Beau Sang and Albert J. “Tony” Gallagher are all running for one of three spots on the Gallipolis City Commission. Gallipolis Municipal Court Judge Eric Mulford will also be running to continue serving as judge for the coming election term.

Billy Oiler, Jeffrey Oiler, Glenn Kiser, Roger Shadwick, Tad Browning and Bryce Taylor are shooting for one of two seats with the Huntington Township Trustees. Harry Dean Brownell and C. Ronnie Carmichael are running for spots as Gallipolis Township Trustees. Bradley Davis and T. Mark Hager are running for a spot as Perry Township Trustees. Charles Chambers, Jr., Hayden Hammond and Roy McCarty are running for a spot as Greenfield Township Trustees. Prospective Cheshire Township Trustee candidates are James Taylor and Mike Conkle.

Stephen Saunders is running for a position as a board member with the District 6 Educational Service Center.

Robert McGuire, James Waugh and Samp Johnson are running for spots as Ohio Township trustees. Prospective Morgan Township trustees are John Manley and William Hash, Jr. Ruby Stanley is running for a position as fiscal officer of Walnut Township. David Kerns and Tammy Gray are seeking to be prospective candidates for Clay Township trustees. Doug Elliot, Richard Ingles and Steven Owens are seeking spots as Walnut Township trustees. Lisa Shaffer and Shelby Davidson seek a spot as the Walnut Township fiscal officer. Robert Terry, Virginia Daniels, Brian Waugh and Gene Hall seek spots on the Centerville Council.

Lynn Angell, Troy Miller and James Eggers seek spots on the Gallipolis City Schools Board of Education. John Sharp seeks a spot on the Symmes Valley Board of Education. Carol Porter seeks a spot for a Vinton seat at the Gallia-Vinton Educational Services Center. Douglas Pugh seeks a spot for a Gallia seat at the Gallia-Vinton Educational Services Center.

John Cardwell and Scott Ferguson seek a spot with the Guyan Township trustees. Seth Montgomery and David Graham seek a spot as Green Township trustees. H. Joe Foster seeks a spot as Green Township fiscal officer. Margaret Adkins and Bobby Angel seek spots as Harrison Township trustees. Matthew Roberts and Bryan Hamilton seek spots as Raccoon Township trustees. Denver Bates and Richard Eblin seek to become Vinton Council members. Vaughn Taylor and Scott Howell seek spots as Springfield Township trustees. Fred Burnett seeks as spot as an Addison Township trustee. Stephanie Mulford, Brent Schultz and Jeff Halley seek spots on the Gallia County Local Schools Board of Education.

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By Dean Wright