Phone scam targeting local bank customers

By Sarah Hawley -

OHIO VALLEY — A current phone scam is targeting Farmers Bank customers.

Farmers Bank President Paul Reed explained that one of the bank’s phone numbers has been spoofed making it appear that customers are receiving a call from the bank. The caller claims to be with Farmers Bank and advises the bank customer that they have received a reward or trip and need to verify their debit card information to finalize the reward.

These calls are not coming from the bank, and Farmers Bank does not currently offer a rewards program or vacation packages.

Farmers Bank and many other local businesses have been hit with this type of scam which is working to obtain the personal information of the person answering the phone call.

Residents are advised to never give out personal information over the phone, including bank account information, social security numbers and other identifying information.

Reed stated that he did not believe any one had become a victim of the scam to this point as individuals have been hanging up and calling the bank directly regarding the calls they have been receiving.

By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is managing editor of The Daily Sentinel

Sarah Hawley is managing editor of The Daily Sentinel