Gallia sheriff investigates potential robbery, vehicular assault

By Dean Wright -

BIDWELL — The Gallia County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspected Sunday robbery and potential vehicular assault that occurred in the Save-A-Lot parking lot in Bidwell.

“One woman asked another for a ride. That person voluntarily gave the other a ride,” said Sheriff Joe Browning. “They got into a dispute while they were in the car. We believe the individuals knew each other. They ended up in the Save-A-Lot parking lot.”

According to police reports, the incident occurred on State Route 160 near Bidwell around 10 a.m.

“We have interviewed both parties and the case is still under investigation,” Browning said.

According to police records, a Gallia County woman contacted another woman she knew, stating she was stranded in the food store parking lot. She needed to borrow money for gas to get home to her children who were home alone. The second woman then had a friend drop her off at the store where she entered the truck of the first woman.

Police said the pair supposedly planned to drive to a gas station to buy fuel and drop the one woman off with her children. The driver then reached to grab the passenger’s money from her wallet. The two struggled in the truck. The driver attempted to kick the passenger out of the vehicle.

The driver put the vehicle in gear and attempted driving in circles in the parking lot to try and knock the passenger out. At some point, the driver’s side door opened and the driver exited the vehicle. The truck than ran over her leg. The passenger then jumped out of the truck and the vehicle continued on to crash into brush about 100 yards off the parking lot.

The driver was taken away for medical care by chopper. The passenger was uninjured.

No charges have currently been filed. However, Browning said deputies were looking into the possibility of vehicular assault and attempted robbery offenses.

If individuals have any further information, they are asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (740) 446-6555. Calls are considered anonymous. If individuals wish to be contacted, they may leave their information and it shall still remain anonymous.

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By Dean Wright