Health department releases 2016 general health report

By Dean Wright -

GALLIA COUNTY — Gallia County Health Commissioner Gerald Vallee recently released the general health district annual report of 2016 for Gallia County.

As part of the department’s 2016 activities, 251 blood pressure measurements were taken along with 279 blood sugar tests, 249 hemoglobin A1c tests and 98 A1c result of 5.6 percent or less tests. The Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps as a locally administered state program assisting with families and children with special healthcare needs had a load count of 143 cases, 1,296 contacts, 114 home visits and 46 new admissions.

In regard to infectious diseases which were reported to the state, one case of infant botulism was found along with 13 cases of campylobacteriosis , 53 cases of chlamydia infection, two cases of E. coli, eight cases of gonococcal infection, three cases of hepatitis A, one case of hepatitis B perinatal, 28 cases of hepatitis B (13 acute and 15 chronic), 145 cases of hepatitis C (7 acute and 138 chronic), 12 influenza-associated hospitalizations, two cases of legionnaires’ disease, one case of lyme disease, one case of meningitis, one case of pertussis, three cases of salmonellosis, one case of spotted fever rickettsiosis, four cases of streptococcus pneumoniae and one case of tetanus. A grand total of 280 infectious diseases were reported.

The Gallia County General Health District participated in agency and community health fairs with the Early Childhood Center, Holzer Health System, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation at the Kyger Creek Station, the Gallia Senior Center and the University of Rio Grande.

As part of the drug overdose prevention and syringe exchange, 305 Narcan kits were distributed. Of those used by Gallia Sheriff’s Office, Gallipolis Police, Gallia EMS and University of Rio Grande Campus Police, 63 were used with 70 lives saved and two deaths. Twelve kits were reported stolen and have an unknown status. The syringe exchange program as 426 unduplicated clients with 3,395 visits for service. Used syringes collected or destroyed numbered at 47,012 and 169 new individuals inquired or started treatment.

Around 7,121 health promotion consultations were given around communicable diseases, health concerns, immunizations and head lice. Among travel vaccines given hepatitis A was given out 550 times, twinrix 59, typhoid 18 and yellow fever 10.

Around 1,046 health immunizations were given out with 63 counted for hepatitis B, 16 for HPV, 14 for MMR, 20 for meningitis, 91 for pneumonia, two for polio, 306 for Prevnar, three for rabies, 87 for shingles, 16 for TD, 303 for Tdap and 14 for Varicella.

Pediatric immunizations counted at 3,148 with 11 for adult tetanus and diptheria, 178 for diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis. Another 219 were given the Tdap version of the vaccine to fight diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis. Pediarix was given 151 times, DTaP and IPV (Kinrix) were give out 91 times. Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) was administered 266 times. Gardasil was administered 467 times. Measles, mumps and rubella immunizations were administered 106 times. Menactra was doled out 505 times. Pediatric hepatitis A was administered 504, pediatric hepatitis B 68, Prevnar 267, polio 97, rotavirus 75 and chickenpox 143.

Around 3,762 influenza vaccinations were given. Injections for Humira, testosterone and vitamin B12 numbered at 155, lead screenings numbered at 13 and newborn screenings numbered at 42.

Around 202 bottles of debug shampoo were handed out after 263 heads were checked for lice and 80 kits administered. Around 1,584 tuberculosis skin tests were administered and 11 clinics held with 11 clients.

An immunization action plant grant funded the department with $17,430. The Maternal and Child Health Program Grant distributed $38,708 in funding to the department’s discretion to facilitate Project KIND and Cribs for Kids. Project Kind is an evidence-based program used to promote social and emotional learning in kindergarten students. Cribs for Kids provides cribs and safe sleep education for qualified families.

The Public Health Emergency Grant had $68,678 in funding received for community education, coordination with the Gallia County Medical Reserve Corps, emergency planning and readiness training, equipment and more. The Reproductive Health and Wellness Grant distributed $112,949 in funding for clinic visits, prenatal visits and more.

The Cervical Health Project performed three colposcopies.

The Tobacco Use Cessation and Prevention Program Grant had $5,877 in funding received to promote a youth coalition against tobacco use.

The Women, Infants and Children Grant had 941 participants and $222,832 in funding received. WIC provides breastfeeding education, peer support, lactation counselors, quality nutrition education and referrals to support agencies as well as supplemental foods.

Environmental health services held 111 retail food service inspections for the Ohio Department of Agriculture and 313 food services inspections for the Ohio Department of Health. Environmental health staff is in charge of administration of programs from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Manufactured home parks were inspected 15 times. Public health complaints had a total of 83 investigations with seven animal, seven food, nine garbage or dumping, two open burning, seven other (such as mold or air) and seven sewage complaints. Only one smoking complaint was investigated.

Around 10 licenses were issued for swimming pools with 11 inspections. Around 82 bites were investigated for rabies control along with seven specimens sent to Ohio Health Department labs with 41 animals testing positive for rabies. Among those were five raccoons and 36 bats. A rabies clinic was offered with assistance from Riverbend Animal Clinic and French Town Veterinary Clinic where 87 animals received vaccines.

Four institution environmental health and safety inspections were held for the jail and 28 school inspections held across the county.

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By Dean Wright