Committee weighs in on pool fundraising

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Representatives from the Gallipolis City Pool Improvement Committee spoke before the Gallipolis City Commission Tuesday evening to outline their intentions over the coming summer, in order to raise money for repairs to go toward the municipal pool in Haskins Park.

“It has been almost 30 years since the city, with the hard work of the Gallipolis Junior Women’s Club, was able to open our city pool,” said Committee member Brittany Beman. “Recently a group of leaders and concerned citizens of Gallia County approached the city manager seeking information on how they could best meet the needs of the local pool. After only meeting a couple times, the Gallipolis foundation formed in order to maintain the needs of the city pool and needs that may arise in the future. Under this foundation, the Gallipolis City Pool Improvement Committee formed to upgrade, cleanup and perform needed improvements, which include a new filter system (for the pool).”

Committee members said due to the pool being a safe community gathering place for the young, they wished to save it for posterity sake and as an exercise facility for people of all ages.

“People are always talking about what is there for kids to do in our community,” said Beman. “The pool is one of those things and we want to see it stay.”

Beman said the committee’s goal was to first replace the pool’s 30-year old filtration system. The group estimates costs to replace the system to be upwards of around $54,000. The committee would ideally like to have the filtration system in place by 2018 and intends on applying for grants. Fundraising efforts would allow the group to match percentages for grants.

Once the filtration system is replaced, the organization has intentions to approach the commission to update the children’s area of the facility as the “baby pool” is no longer functional.

An Ohio Valley Bank account has also been open and held for those interested in donating to the cause.

“We just want to tell you, we think it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing,” said City Commission President Tony Gallagher.

His sentiments were echoed throughout the room.

Committee member Mindy Caldwell said the committee anticipated holding fundraising activities like movie nights and more throughout the summer.

Committee members are in the midst of finalizing procedures to become a 501(c)(3) organization.

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By Dean Wright