Patriot man arrested for rape, kidnapping, domestic violence

By Dean Wright -

Jimmie Jenkins

Jimmie Jenkins

PATRIOT — A Patriot man was arrested Thursday after being indicted in the Galllia Court of Common Pleas on the alleged crimes of a first-degree felony charge of rape, fourth-degree felony charge of kidnapping and first-degree misdemeanor charge of domestic violence.

Jimmie Jenkins, 37, of Patriot, was arrested Thursday by Gallia Sheriff’s deputies and booked in the Gallia Jail.

“This case stems from what originated as a domestic violence call on Jan. 18 in Patriot,” said Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin. “Through the course of the investigation into the domestic violence, it kind of exasperated and we learned that it was a (alleged) situation between a husband and a wife where the husband had assaulted the wife, both physically and sexually. Basically, he had (reportedly) held her captive for a period of time over the course of a two-day period. Looks like over Jan. 17 to Jan. 18.”

Champlin said the initial report was handled by road staff and an initial arrest was made for domestic violence. As the investigation continued, it was turned over to the sheriff’s office investigation staff which revealed the reported physical and sexual abuse, and kidnapping.

“When essentially you dissect the kidnapping statute (in the Ohio Revised Code), there’s a lot of elements in that statue that don’t necessarily articulate what we think of to be kidnapping,” said Champlin.

Whereas the public may consider an abduction and removal of an individual without their consent to another location, kidnapping, it could be as simple as confining an individual to a space and not allowing them to leave a location. Age and relationship of a victim to an alleged offender can also determine level of crime. If a kidnapping offense crosses state borders, it could potentially be considered a federal crime as well.

“This was more of a domestic situation where the victim was seemingly confined and prevented from any communication or any opportunity to communicate or respond to law enforcement,” said Champlin.

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Jimmie Jenkins Jenkins

By Dean Wright