Vinton search warrant results in 6 arrests

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Melissa Ratcliff-ailey

Melissa Ratcliff-ailey

Shane Shortridge

Maria Arbogast

Jeremy Davis

Brittany Henderson

Anthony Henderson-Clark

VINTON — Gallia County Sheriff’s deputies along with the Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force served a warrant in Vinton Sunday which resulted in the arrest of six individuals and the seizure of over 30 grams of heroin, 8 grams of crack cocaine and $4,500 in cash.

“You think that these drug dealing misfits would get the hint that the people of Gallia County have had enough of them dealing their poison in our county,” said Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin. “Enough is enough. Pack your trash and go back to Dayton, Detroit or wherever you came from. Gallia County is not open to your kind of business.”

Brittany Henderson, 24, of Gallipolis, is charged with third-degree felonies in complicity to trafficking heroin and complicity to possession of drugs, again, heroin. She was charged with two fifth-degree felonies in complicity tracking of crack cocaine and complicity possession of crack cocaine.

Anthony Henderson-Clark, 19, of Detroit, is charged with third-degree felonies of complicity trafficking in heroin as well as complicity possession in heroin. He is charged with the fifth-degree felonies of complicity trafficking crack cocaine and complicity possession crack cocaine.

Shane Shortridge, 32, of Columbus, is charged with second-degree felony trafficking heroin and possession of heroin. He is charged with fourth-degree felony trafficking crack cocaine and fourth-degree felony possession of crack cocaine.

Maria Arbogast, 19, of Mason, W.Va., is charged with fifth-degree felony possession of oxymorphone.

Melissa Ratcliff-Bailey, 35, of Gallipolis, is charged with a fifth-degree felony probation violation and Jeremy Davis, 41, of Gallipolis, is charged with a first-degree misdemeanor failure to appear in municipal court.

Melissa Ratcliff-ailey Ratcliff-ailey

Shane Shortridge Shortridge

Maria Arbogast Arbogast

Jeremy Davis Davis

Brittany Henderson Henderson

Anthony Henderson-Clark Henderson-Clark

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