Sheriff takes stock of of crime data

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin sat with Gallia County Commissioners Thursday to discuss reported drops in crime trends in the county but a raise in domestic violence calls.

“I wanted to brief you guys on how things have been and give a bit of a statistical background on what we’ve been looking at,” said Champlin.

Champlin provided a year-to-date statistics in the form of graphs to the commissioners in order to compare crime trends over time. His office’s top four call types consist of alarm calls, thefts, domestic violence and breaking and entry cases. From March 15, 2016 to March 15, 2017, the office recorded 208 alarm calls, 72 theft calls, 53 domestic violence calls and 20 breaking and entry calls. Of those, alarm calls accounted for 59 percent, theft accounted for 20 percent, domestic violence accounted for 15 percent and breaking and entry calls accounted for six percent.

For a similar time period, from March 15, 2014 to March March 15, 2015, there were 40 breaking and entry calls, 41 domestic violence calls, 250 alarm calls and 77 theft calls. Between March 15, 2015 to March 15, 2016, there were 49 breaking and entry calls, 47 domestic violence calls, 257 alarm calls and 85 theft calls.

According to Champlin, breaking and entry calls had dropped 59 percent from the year-to-date 2016 to 2017, alarm calls were down 19 percent and theft reports down 13 percent.

“The change we’ve made is that we are physically responding to each alarm call that comes in whether it’s residential or burglary,” said Champlin. “A lot of times if an individual called in and said ‘Hey, everything’s okay,’ that wasn’t necessarily being responded to in the past. That’s something I’m very passionate about is looking at an alarm situation, there’s a chance for a failure if we don’t go and follow-up and make sure that our residences and businesses are safe by going to all alarm calls.”

Champlin said in the past week the Gallia County Jail and Gallia County Sheriff’s Work Release had booked 28 individuals. Of those, 7 were female and 21 were male.

“Year-to-date, we’ve booked 369 individuals into our (detention programs),” said Champlin. “228 of those were males. 141 of those were females. Of these, 369 people that were booked-in, 229 of those individuals were charged with at least one felony charge.”

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By Dean Wright