Four arrested after high speed chase

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Mercedes Comb

Mercedes Comb

Ryan Donahue

Ryan Cochran

Cody Sinclair

PATRIOT — Four were arrested in conclusion of a high speed chase after Gallia County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a breaking and entering in the morning hours of Sunday in the Patriot area.

The Gallia County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a breaking and entering in the morning hours of Sunday on Ohio 141 in the Patriot area. Witnesses gave officers a description of a vehicle that was seen leaving the residence, which had been burglarized.

“Our deputies saturated the area in an effort to locate the vehicle and sure enough, they spotted it,” said Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin. Champlin reported that the suspects attempted to elude deputies but were apprehended after a high speed pursuit.

Arrested were, Ryan J. Cochran, 26, of Bidwell, Ryan S. Donohue, 22, of Vinton, Mercedes B. J. Combs, 23, of Bidwell and Cody L. Sinclair, 26, of Rio Grande. Gallia County Prosecutor Jason Holdren is reviewing the investigation in regards to the charges that will be filed on these individuals.

“We will not tolerate our citizens being victimized by these predators. Any low-life that just goes around stealing from our hard working citizens needs to know, that they will be held accountable,” said Champlin.

Mercedes Comb Comb

Ryan Donahue Donahue

Ryan Cochran Cochran

Cody Sinclair Sinclair

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