Detroit man sentenced to 30 months in prison

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Marquez McGhee

Marquez McGhee

GALLIPOLIS — A Detroit, Mich. man was sentenced to 30 months in prison Tuesday for violating community control terms after a drug unit raid in West Virginia.

Marquez McGhee, 23, of Detroit, Mich., addressed the court saying, if it were possible, he would like to be sent back to Detroit to be near family to carry out a sentence of the court. He said he accepted the consequences of his decisions and would work to better himself in the future.

“Today, Judge Margaret Evans sentenced Mr. McGhee to prison for 30 months for violating the terms of his community control” stated Prosecutor Jason Holdren.

In February 2016, McGhee was found guilty of possession of drugs and placed on community control through the Gallia County Common Pleas Court with a suspended prison term of 30 months.

In November 2016, McGhee was staying in Kanawha County, W.Va., when his apartment was raided by the Metro Drug Unit for suspected drug trafficking. McGhee was arrested for selling drugs in close proximity to a school, which violates the terms of his community control in Gallia County.

“Mr. McGhee’s continued drug dealing finally caught up with him. Prison is the only option for dealers from Detroit that are looking to set up shop in our area,” added Holdren.

Evans addressed McGhee saying she was disappointed for the state of individuals like McGhee. McGhee had a few years of community college under his belt as well as a certificate in graphic design. Because of McGhee’s continued trouble with drugs, she felt it necessary to implement the 30-month prison term. She announced she did not understand when one had an opportunity to turn to education why they might continue associating with the drug trade.

Marquez McGhee McGhee

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