Gallia Sheriff’s Office implements new scheduling program

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Sheriff’s Office had its first day Friday making use of a newly contracted software called Planit Police in order to streamline payroll, scheduling and other human resource issues.

Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin has said the software is web-based. Champlin said employees and supervisors could access the service through mobile devices.

“We are just launching the system,” said Champlin. “We are plugging our information into it and it’s giving us the ability to schedule better, more quickly and efficiently. It greatly decreases time for our office staff and does basically all the calculations for us.”

Champlin previously said there would be a fee and contract for the service and the number was lower than he had initially anticipated when looking into the service. The service would cost the county roughly $2,500 a year for 75 staff members.

“What this does is give us the ability to do our scheduling for our entire staff be that work release, jail and road staff,” said Champlin. “It’s all online-based so it’s real-time. Basically, if a staff member puts in for time off it would send the chief deputy an email saying that there is a time off request and when it’s approved it will send the employee back an email. This format actually gives us the ability to track our holiday and sick time so that we’re doing that paperlessly.”

According to Gallia Chief Deputy Troy Johnson, he feels the software will cut down time taken in scheduling and payroll issues by two thirds.

“If there are any schedule changes, they are immediately viewable,” said Champlin. “That helps stop some of the breakdown in communication that we’ve had where two people might come off a shift and then we didn’t have any road coverage.”

Champlin had previously said the software company anticipated the yearly price to remain the same for the next few coming years but may need to adjust for inflation as time continues.

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By Dean Wright