Juveniles arrested in string of vehicle break-ins

By Dean Wright - deanwright@civitasmedia.com

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis Police officers recently arrested a pair of juveniles suspected of taking part in a string of vehicle break-ins where most of the vehicles were considered to be unlocked.

According to Gallipolis Police Chief Jeff Boyer, vehicles over the past several weeks both outside and inside municipal limits have reportedly suffered break-ins where suspects would either root through change in the vehicle or snag valuables lying on seats. Officers were dispatched to a call on Vinton Court after a reported theft from a motor vehicle.

The victim advised the individuals reportedly entering her vehicle were both male and wearing white hooded sweatshirts. Both reportedly started heading towards Pine Street Cemetery on a scooter. Officers stopped at an initial location on Vinton Court before observing a pair of hooded individuals spying into vehicles on Vinton Avenue. An officer made contact with the pair. One of the individuals was riding a scooter.

Officers then made contact with the initial caller and she indicated a vehicle she believed to be missing items. Officers contacted the owner of the vehicle and he advised he was missing a pair of shoes after looking into the vehicle. Officers reportedly found a pair of shoes fitting the description of the missing items in one of the juvenile’s bags.

Officers gave the shoes to the man who described them before taking the pair of juveniles into custody.

Chief Boyer emphasized the importance of area residents to lock their vehicles, remove their valuables from vehicles or to hide them out of plain view. Boyer said a string of vehicle break-ins had been occurring over the course of 2016 and after a lag in activity were making a resurgence.

“The previous group we investigated were a bunch of juveniles as well just testing car door handles and then taking change or whatever they could find,” said Boyer. “We stressed it then and still stress it. People really need to think about locking their doors. Even just the smallest amount of inconvenience to a potential thief could get them to move on from your vehicle to look for easier targets.”

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By Dean Wright