County gives 2016 general fund report

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Commissioners went over the county’s 2016 expenditures and gathered revenue for the general fund Thursday morning with County Administrator Karen Sprague to see a total of roughly $9.5 million in expenditures with a $1.4 million carryover from 2015 and around $9.35 million from generated revenue in 2016.

In January 2016, reports say the county gathered $577,996.69. In February of the same year, it gathered $517, 273.76. March 2016 saw $561,691.71 generated. April 2016 reported a generated revenue of $2,102,455.20. May 2016 reported $622,104.74. June 2016 reported $475,972.73. July 2016 generated $572, 776.40. August 2016 gathered $1,604,067.99 in revenue. September 2016 reported $650,104.67 in revenue. October 2016 saw $512, 842.62. November 2016 saw $463,355.92. December 2016 saw $689,937. 21. The 2015 carryover balance was $1,397,241.36.

Total 2016 expenditures totaled at $9,474,792.34. The following county departments have their listed expenditures from the year for the general fund but may also be funded from other revenue sources such as grants or billed public services.

The Gallia County Commissioners Office spent a total of $545,232.87 from the general fund for 2016. The county auditor expenditures totaled $372,237.95. County treasurer spent $237,462.02. Court of appeals spent $0. Gallia Prosecutor’s Office spent $342,954.70. Annual audits spent $106,317.80. Planning commission spent $69,940.30. Gallia Common Pleas Court spent $276,503.45. Juvenile and probate courts spent $310,502.33. Gallia Clerk of Courts spent $238,837.98. The Gallia Coroner’s Office spent $119,240.45. Gallipolis Municipal Court spent $101,330.59. According to Sprague, the court receives funds from the county for prosecuting county cases. The Gallia IT department spent $133,330.99.

The Gallia Board of Elections spent $276,169.96. Building and grounds maintenance spent $767,784.87. The Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport spent $21,941.01. The Gallia County Sheriff’s Office spent $2,594,042.39. Gallia County Recorder’s Office spent $198,048.46. The Gallia Canine Shelter spent $50,000. The Gallia Law Library spent $32,593.43. Gallia agricultural expenses totaled $276,724. The Gallia Health Department spent $60,677.05. The Gallia Veterans Services spent $351,776.37. Gallia Job and Family Services spent $100,532. Gallia County EMS spent $400,000. Gallia County Engineer’s Office spent $64,165.42. Gallia insurance expenditures for things such as CORSA totaled around $184,177. Miscellaneous expenditures totaled $958,061.14. Transfer expenditures totaled $63,639.85. Unanticipated emergency expenditures totaled at $23,607.10. Encumbrance expenses totaled at $196,960.86.

Of 2016 expenditures, the Gallia Sheriff’s Office leads the pack with around 28 percent of total expenditures. Miscellaneous expenses total around 10 percent. Building and grounds maintenance is measured around eight percent. The Gallia County Commissioners’ Office spends around six percent. The county auditor and prosecutor’s office spend four percent each along with the Gallia EMS and Gallia Veterans Services. Clerk of courts, juvenile and probate courts, board of elections, common pleas court county treasurer and agriculture account for around three percent expenditures each. County recorder and insurance categories count for around two percent of expenditures. The IT department, municipal court, coroner, annual audits, transfers, engineer, job and family services, health department and canine shelter account for roughly one percent in expenditures.

Carryover for 2016 into 2017 totals $1,273,028.66.

“We try to maintain a two-month cushion for the year end,” said Gallia County Commissioner David Smith. “We spend about $700,000 so we try to shoot for roughly twice that. The big challenge coming up on the budget is a healthcare tax. The state of Ohio has been generating a large amount of money by taxing healthcare. This is the way they’ve been working to expand Medicaid and things and the federal government has come back and said ‘No, you can’t do that.’ So, as a consequence we at Gallia County stand to lose if that was totally taken away. Roughly $600,000 a year.”

Smith said the commissioners have approached state officials to share their concerns about the ongoing financial year and how small communities will be able to tackle ongoing financial challenges.

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By Dean Wright