GPD asks public for tips on recent crimes

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis City Police are asking the public for tips in connection with several crimes within Gallipolis as of late.

According to Gallipolis Police Chief Jeff Boyer, citizens can leave anonymous tips at 740-441-6020 or they can leave tips on their Facebook page or website

On Jan. 14, officers arrived to a building on the 200 block of Third Avenue. Reports said the building had been broken into. Officers arrived on-scene and made contact with the owner. Reportedly, someone a few days prior had entered the building and rummaged through its contents. According to the victim, several individuals made use of the building as a storage facility. The victim indicated to police that some items were discovered there that were not previously left by the victim.

The victim showed officers which items were missing and showed officers three classic cars. Cars that had been originally covered were uncovered and rifled through. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was contacted in regards to seized evidence.

Officers also reported to a second and separate breaking and entry at a business on Vine Street on Dec. 28, 2016. Officers located an open door to the business. Officers searched the interior of the building before locating a shattered display case.

Reports say that seven handguns were stolen from the case. Employees recovered one of the missing firearms nearby. Police obtained and observed video evidence of the reported suspect from other subsequent nearby businesses. Another firearm was recovered near another business on Vine Street.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows the suspect walking into the store’s parking lot from Second and Third Avenue on Vine Street.

Boyer also reported a series of four vehicle breaking and entries over the past few weeks. Vehicles searched through were reportedly unlocked. Boyer said residents near but outside the city had also suffered similar crimes. Boyer emphasized the importance of making certain one’s vehicle was locked as well as making certain valuables were either removed from a vehicle or hidden from view to deter tempted criminal activity.

Any further knowledge of these crimes should be reported to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Dean Wright can be reached 740-446-2342, ext. 2103.

By Dean Wright