Sheriff and commissioners discuss new HR software

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Commissioners and Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin discussed the possibility of contracting for services with a new software platform Thursday in the Gallia Courthouse, in an attempt to streamline payroll, scheduling and other human resources efforts.

“It’s a web-based scheduling and payroll management system,” said Champlin.

“Sounds like a dollar number,” said County Commissioner David Smith.

Champlin replied there would be a fee and contract for the service and the number was lower than he had initially anticipated when looking into the service. The service, called PlanIt Police, would cost the county roughly $2,500 a year for 75 staff members.

“What this does is give us the ability to do our scheduling for our entire staff be that work release, jail and road staff,” said Champlin. “It’s all online-based so it’s real-time. Basically, if a staff member puts in for time off it would send the chief deputy an email saying that there is a time off request and when it’s approved it will send the employee back an email. This format actually gives us the ability to track our holiday and sick time so that we’re doing that paperlessly.”

Champlin said employees and supervisors could access the service through mobile devices. Overall, Champlin said using the service is an effort to better communications between deputies and staff. Payroll would be simpler and give sheriff’s office administrative assistants more time to address other issues.

“If there are any schedule changes, they are immediately viewable,” said Champlin. “That helps stop some of the breakdown in communication that we’ve had where two people might come off a shift and then we didn’t have any road coverage.”

Champlin said officials spent roughly an hour and a half walking through the program with software company representatives. For the yearly fee, software technicians will customize the software to the needs of the sheriff’s office as well as input data and adjust the program to union needs.

“This is specifically tailored to this agency and we can have them change that at any point in time to reflect employee handbooks,” said Champlin.

Smith asked if there would be a renewal price for following years out of concern for increased funding as time would go on. Champlin said the software company anticipated the yearly price to remain the same for the next few years but would possibly go up with inflation as time continued.

Champlin also said the sheriff’s office would be changing digital reporting systems to be more in line with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as he felt it was an easier and more effective system to navigate for policing needs.

Commissioners approved of the suggestions until Gallia County Prosecutor Jason Holdren could sign legal measures.

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By Dean Wright