Green Sewer project phase nears completion

By Dean Wright -

GREEN TOWNSHIP — With the coming of the new year, Gallia County Commissioners reported Thursday the phase one part of the Green Township sewer construction project is nearing completion.

According to newly re-elected Commissioner David Smith, he places the sewer construction around “95 percent completion.”

Commissioners speak with sewer project leaders at the Gallia County Courthouse the first Thursday of every month and Smith has been making weekly trips out to construction sites to overview the project’s progression.

“We’re probably along the state highway and trunk line we’re seeing roughly 95 percent installed,” said Smith. “That’s the visible part which goes along the road for each individual house, which is called a lateral, those come in and tie into the trunk line and that’s what (crews) are working on now with the exception of Neighborhood Road and Grand School Road. We’ve had some issues out there that have slowed our construction process.”

Smith said the project, so far, has remained ahead of schedule overall. With continued progression, commissioners are confident they will be sending sewer hook-up letters to area residents in the southeast corner of Green Township in early summer or late spring. Homeowners will have 90 days to hook into the new sewer system. The letters will predominantly be addressed to residents near Gallipolis along State Route 141 towards its intersection with LaGrande Boulevard with the exception of Neighborhood Road. Areas closest to the city will connect first.

“You have to start where it goes to the city and work your way out from there,” said Smith. “We’ve got around 650 (resident families) expected to use this project and just about a year from now we should have everything pretty well done and most people should be hooked up.”

According to Smith there is no hook-up fee and those connecting into the sewer system can expect a sewer treatment bill of roughly $55 a month. Homeowners are responsible for the costs on their own property involved in connecting into the sewer system from their existing sewer line. The hook-up letters will contain a list of certified contractors for the public to utilize in their sewer connecting needs. Contractors have been required to test with the Gallia County Health Department in order to take part in the project. A representative of the county will be available to oversee the connections in order to make certain things move forward correctly, Smith said.

Commissioners have stressed in the past the sewer project is part of an action handed down by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Due to inspection and findings because of a complaint issued to the Ohio EPA office, the county is responsible for a cost of around $300,000 for the “failure of on-site sewer systems” across several locations in the county. The commissioners have thus started the sewer construction project in an effort to meet with those demands in replacing aging systems.

Smith said phase two of the project would embark as soon as the rest of phase one finished, however, that may not be for some time.

“That area goes out into Mitchell Road, some on Jackson Pike and into the Rodney area,” said Smith. “We don’t really have a timetable for that yet. We want to make sure we complete phase one before heading into phase two as we’ll also have to figure out the funding for phase two.”

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By Dean Wright