Prosecutor’s office funds new cruiser, K9 unit

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins was recently recognized by the Gallipolis Police Department and city officials for providing funding for a new cruiser, as well as putting funds towards a new dog for city police.

“Jeff has been very kind to the city,” said City Manager Gene Greene.

Through the law enforcement trust fund, Adkins has made several donations to local law enforcement and drug fighting efforts over the course of his career. The trust fund is made of forfeited funds and resources confiscated from drug dealers and drug cases. According to Gallipolis Police Chief Jeff Boyer, donated funds have helped buy a much needed police cruiser for the department, which when fully outfitted will cost close to $40,000. Adkins has also helped fund the purchase of a new canine unit for the police department in the coming year that reportedly costs around $7,200.

“We’re also in the process of looking at body cameras which is around $20,000,” said Boyer. “We’ve got some more negotiation and we may be working on some other things.”

A letter of recognition was drafted for Adkins and signed by Gallipolis City Commissioners.

“On behalf of the City of Gallipolis, we’d like to extend our most grateful appreciation for your support and donation to the Gallipolis Police Department. Your donation of one equipped car and one canine will be a great asset to the police department,” the letter said.

Adkins was also responsible for funding $20,000 to the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office for the purchase of body cameras as well. Gallia Sheriff Joe Browning said deputies would likely be geared with cameras at the beginning of 2016’s winter season.

Adkins has served with the Gallia County Prosecutor’s Office for around 30 years.

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By Dean Wright