Dog recovered after missing for six months

By Dean Wright -

Sky is reunited with her family.

Sky is reunited with her family.

Courtesy photo

GALLIPOLIS — A white German Shepherd was returned to her owners last week after missing for six months.

According to the Gallia County Dog Warden Laurie Cardillo, the dog was reported missing roughly six months ago.

“It was out off Mudsock Road,” said Cardillo. “It’s pretty close to the Lawrence County line. Skye would run the Mudsock Road area. She always came back home. The last time she went missing, she didn’t come back. Normally she was back home every evening. The family started looking for her and couldn’t find her.”

Sky, the German Shepherd, belongs to Doug and Debbie Elliott.

“Somebody that works at a Holzer property in the industrial park found her at Love’s Truck Stop dragging a tie out cable,” said Cardillo. “They called me and these ladies held the dog until I got there.”

Cardillo said she identified the dog because of previous contact with the animal a few years ago. The warden said Debbie had called the shelter several times over the course of the last six months with no change in news.

Debbie’s daughter, Emily, came and picked Skye up.

“She’s friendly, very friendly,” said Cardillo. “It was a great thing to watch. The daughter wasn’t sure if the dog was the right dog because she’d been missing so long.”

Cardillo insisted the family should come to look at the animal. Cardillo said that when she greeted the animal by name, she responded well.

“She was dancing around and stuff and very excited,” said Cardillo.

Cardillo said she suspected the animal had been taken when it disappeared six months ago as when it was found at the truck stop, it had remnants of a leash around its neck.

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Sky is reunited with her family. is reunited with her family. Courtesy photo

By Dean Wright