Girl donates $100 to library

By Michelle Miller - For the Daily Tribune

GALLIPOLIS – “I just like to give to people,” said Grace Cremeans, 9, about her recent donation to Bossard Memorial Library.

Last month, Cremeans presented $100 she raised with a lemonade and cookie stand to Library Director Debbie Saunders. A regular patron of the library, Cremeans said she reads a lot and her favorite books are about animals.

According to Saunders, Cremeans is a faithful patron and a participant in the library’s summer reading program.

“She really sees the difference it makes, even at her young age,” Saunders said. “She just wanted to give back and be a part of that. It’s very exciting.”

Cremeans presented her donation to Saunders in a decorated envelope, with a request to use it for the whole library.

Beyond the donation, Saunders said seeing young kids give back to the community and the library is wonderful. During their conversation, when asked by Saunders, Cremeans said becoming a librarian in the future could be a possibility.

“You see that we’re making a difference as an institution and she’s making a difference as a citizen, even at her age. It’s never too young to start that type of community service,” Saunders said. “We are pleased to have her as a library patron and a supporter.”

Cremeans’ donation will be used to purchase additional books.

By Michelle Miller

For the Daily Tribune