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Why call a primary physician first?

By: Tess Simon, MD, Internal Medicine and Primary Care Physician

If you’re feeling under the weather, who’s the first person you call? If it’s not your primary care physician, it’s time to reconsider the way you treat your health. After all, at the heart of a primary care physician is a very important person: you, the patient.

Why call a primary care physician first? The answer is simple: we are trained to be the first point of contact for our patients. Primary care physicians have a comprehensive knowledge of everything from diagnosis and treatments of ailments, health counseling, education, disease prevention, and more. As your partner in your healthcare, your physician offers one-on-one insights into your health—and all in a cost-effective manner. Unlike visits to urgent care or emergency facilities, your primary care physician will establish a long-term relationship with you over the course of your care so that the best, most educated decisions are being made for your health.

When necessary, your primary care physician may recommend you see a specialist. This is normal. Just know that your physicians are working together to provide the best quality care for your needs. We’re happy to coordinate with specialists at here at PVH as well as our colleagues at Cabell Huntington Hospital, Marshall Heath, and the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center.

At Pleasant Valley Hospital, we proudly treat our patients like family. Because we love our community, we’re pleased to offer proactive, yet preventative care that keeps Mason, Meigs, and Gallia County families feeling their best. To learn more about the benefits of a primary care physician, you are welcome to call or schedule an appointment with me by calling my office at 304.857.6538.