Myers families gather for reunion

PATRIOT — Family and friends gathered for fellowship, wonderful food, and great music on Aug. 14 to celebrate the 98th annual Myers family reunion at Fox Fairview Church.

Henry L. Myers, reunion president, prayed before the meal. Folks gathered inside the church after the meal to listen to Randy Shaffer and his sister Sue Collins, The Singing Shaffers. They sang and Randy played the harmonica and guitar. They agreed to come back next year.

Door prizes were awarded to the youngest, the oldest (Ernestine Berry Hayes), and the person who traveled the farthest (Ron Myers) from Oahu, Hawaii.

The following family members and friends signed the register: Tony and Sheri Myers, Jerry Myers, Mike, Katy and Kelli Myers, Tracy Fraley, Velvet and Lori Harmon, Charlie and Valerie Dennison, Jessica Easthom, David Ward, Jeff Hayes, Kim Carrico, Tanner Corn, Anna Lee Myers, Adam, Bethanie, Adalyn and Annabeth Corn, Marlyn and Sue Haner, Marvin Myers, John Berry, Joey Berry, Jim and Christine Myers Cozza, Hope Boorum, Ray and Connie Mathena, Jerry and Margaret Myers, Ronald Dean Myers, Dale Myers, Ashley, Justin, Lakin, Emma and Addison Berry, Ernestine Berry Hayes, Rhonda Day, Dave and Deb Aiple, Bradley and Kim Aiple, Jim D. and Kathy Myers, Butch and Debbie Myers, Bill Kemper, Narma Murray, Eleanor Roach, Jack Buster, Ron Myers, Sue Collins, and Randy and Sandra Shaffer.

The 99th reunion will be 12:30 p.m. Aug. 13, 2017.