Writers Guild encourages ‘something different’

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — The Point Pleasant Writers Guild was happy to welcome back Paula Gregory and Woody Moore who have not been at the meetings for a while. Moore read a recent reply (translation: rejection notice) from a publisher to whom he had submitted a poem years ago. He also read the poem, “The Bird Cage.”

Phil Heck shared “I Will Make My Own Decisions, Thank You.”

“What I would do if I could do it without anyone seeing or knowing,” offered Marilyn Clarke. What would that be, one wonders. Only the Guild knows for sure.

Along similar lines, Raine Fielder read “What I’ve Always Wanted to Do.”

Kris Moore read her piece entitled “The Beginning of a New Year: A time for self-evaluation & goal setting.” Evidently Kris was in the mood to put something into action, also.

Finally, drawing this theme of “doing” to a close, Patrecia Gray shared “Getting Out of My Rut.”

Members discussed a list of book genres (i.e., mystery, romance, adventure), both fiction (fabricated) and non-fiction (actual) and what genres are their favorites. They elaborated on the subject by giving reasons as to why they prefer one genre over another, which genre they like to read and which they enjoy writing, and shared what they have always wanted to write. Woody Moore has written plays, Sue Underwood has written songs, Carol Newberry has written science fiction, but there is always more to write, more to say, more to share of our innermost thoughts, dreams, and aspirations as word crafters.

The writing assignment for June will be Father’s Day, Flag Day, First Day of Summer, or D-Day. Try writing in a genre other than your usual one. Step out of your comfort zone. Perhaps we all need to get out of our rut and do something different, or do differently something already familiar to us.

The Point Pleasant Writers Guild meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the Mason County Library on Viand Street, from noon until 2 p.m. All writers, and people interested in becoming writers, are welcome. Contact information includes: [email protected] and ppwritersguild.blogspot.com.

Submitted by April Pyles.