Writers Guild members discuss latest projects

At a recent meeting of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild, in response to the question, “Who wrote something about ‘Back When?’” a few members were heard saying such things as “Mine is hit and miss,” “Mine is a Hodge Podge,” and “I hardly have time to write What Is, let alone Back When.”

As a matter of fact, their essays were quite good and well written. Most reflected common themes, using humor to evoke laughter. One wrote about the downturn of today’s society as compared to yesterday’s. Others wrote about family remembrances from childhood, a typical day in the 1960’s, the good and the bad of activities and technologies from back when to those of today, and a poem describing “first-time” remembrances. A fictionalized story of when giants lived in the land gave much food for thought and discussion. One member shared how she had developed as a writer since back when. It was decided that the next assignment would be “What I envision for my future.” Members of the reading public are invited to add their two cents and join us at our next meeting.

Member, Burletta Sue Underwood, D.D., passed around her latest book, “Golden Nugget Phrases of Wit, Wisdom and Humor” published by Gallipolis Press. Sue’s book is filled with a thousand “sayings” that were passed down through her family and which she wanted to preserve for future generations. Gallipolis Press books are spiral-bound. The author can purchase as many books as he/she would like whenever he/she chooses.

Will Jeffers also has a new book, which can be purchased at Amazon.com. The title is “Realms of Gavenstein; Tales of Xanshere Westmont Volume One Heritage.” He will bring a copy to the next meeting. Marilyn Clarke shared copies of her newest book, “Betrayal,” which can also be purchased on Amazon.com.

In addition to Underwood, Jeffers, and Clarke, the meeting was attended by Patrecia Gray, Carol Newberry, Phil Heck, Kris Moore, Raine Fielder, and April Pyles.

The Point Pleasant Writers Guild meets every first and third Wednesday, noon to 2 p.m. at the Mason County Library. All writers interested in attending are welcome. Contact information includes: Email: [email protected] and Blog: ppwritersguild.blogspot.com.

Submitted by April Pyles.