Carleton College trustees elect officers, award scholarships

SYRACUSE — The 155th annual meeting of the Carleton College Board of Trustees was recently held be phone conference due to COVID-19.

The Carleton Board elected Vickie Morrow, Gordon Fisher, June Lee, Cathy Crow, James Lawrence and Rita Slavin to three year terms on the board.

Remembrance was given for Milton Varian who passed away this past year. Varian had been on the Board for 51 years. “We lost a dedicated board member and a great Syracuse citizen.”

Officers elected were Gordon Fisher, president; Larry Ebersbach, vice president; Mary Bradbury, secretary; and Cathy Crow, treasurer.

Approved for scholarships were Alex VanMeter, Lydia Edwards, Sierra Cleland, Raeven Reedy, Mattea Deemer and Valerie Ritchart.

A total of 272 scholarships have been awarded to Syracuse citizens since the first awards in 1981.

Other board members are Carol Adams, Dorothy Amberger, Rick Ash, John Bentley, Debbie Clay, Rick Crow, Bob Deemer, Larry Fields, Emmogene Hamilton, Don Houdershelt, Roy Johnson and Jean Powell.

Information provided by Gordon Fisher.