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Ohio University announces fall semester 2019 Dean’s List, graduates

ATHENS — More than 5,200 students qualified for the fall semester 2019 Dean’s List at Ohio University, including main and regional campuses. In addition, more than 2,300 students graduated with bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degrees from the University.

The graduates represented many areas of the United States and an abundance of countries, including: Great Britain, China, South Africa, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mexico, Ghana, Vietnam and Bahamas.

Students on the Dean’s List came from an array of states, as more than 40 states were represented, including: Utah, Maryland, California, New Jersey, Kentucky, Iowa, Washington and Ohio, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Ohio University students must earn at least a 3.5 grade point average for the semester with a schedule of classes totaling at least 15 hours, 12 of which were taken for letter grades, to achieve this distinction.

Gallia and Meigs County students named to the Dean’s List at any of the Ohio University campuses are as follows:

Bidwell: Luke Harrison Skinner, Sophia Marie Skinner, Peyton Alexus Marie Browning, Brycen W Hatfield, and Liahna Michelle Brown;

Cheshire: Alexa Raquel Moles and Kasiey Lynn Novotni;

Crown City: Tiffany Nicole Beaver, Noah E Blain, Kara Christyna Smith, Kaleigh Hope Rummel, Emma C Lester, Cuyler S Mills, Ezra Blain, Sarah Elizabeth Adkins, and Carson E Bailey;

Gallipolis: Brady Richard Corbett Taylor, Brandon Tyrel Lasseter, Colton Ryan Campbell, Christopher Adam Gordon, Zachary Ryan Bokal, Kaylee Anne Merry, Ashton Paige Webb, Julianna Yates, Cade Alan Mason, Bo Wiley Saxon, Ahnika Nolan Frogale, Ryleigh Noelle Caldwell, Catherine Mary Ellen White, Makenzie Brook Brumfield, Josie Leanne Carr, Makenzie Jean Barr, Dylan Norris Nunn, Kirkland Michael Saunders, Taae Davan Hamid, and Cole Michael Davis;

Vinton: John T Wolfe, David Spires, and Andrew Donald Moffett;

Coolville: Taylor Suzanne Gillian, Macy Wright, Sarah Eden Tidd, Miranda Grace Scott, Cade Monroe Buckley, Jessica L Adams, and Sarah Catherine Packard;

Long Bottom: Elayna Teresa Bissell and Timothy James Minear

Middleport: Tabitha C Turner, Sadie Ray Fox, Jaxon Mitchell Meadows, Haiden Nicole English, Wesley Smith, Angela Danielle Morris, Madison Brooke Dyer, Cole Dillon Durst,

Pomeroy: Marissa Faith Brooker, Makayla Danielle Kimes, Bryce Steven Swatzel, Gregory Charles Sheets II, Rhiannon Michelle Morris, Megan Elizabeth King, Tyler Jacob Williams, Raeline Noelle Reeves, Josie Mariah Donohue, Brayden Nash Cunningham, Kita Wood, Kaytlin Renee Carl, and Garrett David Rees;

Portland: Marissa Ann Johnson;

Racine: Riley L Roush, Katelyn Brice Barton, Peyton Rebecca Anderson, Daniel Ryan Dunfee, Austin Daniel Baker, Kendra Robie, Austin Lewis McKibben, Katey Lynn Patterson, and Tori Marie Chaney;

Reedsville: William Everitt Findley, Miranda Renee Gillilan, Sophia Jane Carleton, Amanda Kaylee Cole, Garrett Lee Ritchie, Mollie Elizabeth Maxon, and Ally Landon Durst;

Rutland: Earl Russell Henry Fields IV, Dillon Mahr, and Paige Elizabeth Denney;

Shade: Alexander Rowan Henson, Jackie Nadine Jordan, and Marissa Lynn Noble;

Tuppers Plains: Jessica Ruth Parker.

Local graduates from any of the Ohio University campuses during the fall 2019 semester were as follows:

Bidwell: Kayla Elizabeth Burns, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Kelli Todd Johnson, Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders; Olivia Katharine Rees, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering;

Crown City: Ashley Dawn Lewis, Associate in Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education; Anna W Hershberger, Bachelor of Science in Nursing;

Gallipolis: Angela Lynn Curfman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Michelle Miller, Master of Business Administration; Aubrey Christine Long, Bachelor of Arts; Aubrey Christine Long, Bachelor of Science in Education;

Rio Grande: Samantha Mitchem, Associate in Applied Science;

Long Bottom: Nathan Matthew Leamond, Bachelor of Arts; Ryan Patrick Stobart, Master of Science; Makya E Trussell, Bachelor of Arts; Autumn Elaine Johnson, Bachelor of Fine Arts;

Pomeroy: Brandy Nicole O’Neil, Bachelor of Applied Human and Consumer Sciences; Jenny Rebekah Stotts, Master of Social Science;

Racine: Autumn Elaine Warden, Master of Public Administration; Kalynn Ann Seymour, Bachelor of Science in Health;

Reedsville: Emily Kate Moore, Bachelor of Science in Applied Management;

Syracuse: Teresa Trussell, Master of Social Science.

Nease named to Muskingum University President’s List

NEW CONCORD — Elizabeth Nease of Pomeroy has been named to the Fall 2019 President’s List at Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio.

To be named to The President’s List, students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.90 or above on a minimum load of 12 completed semester hours of A-F graded coursework.

Area students named to Muskingum University Dean’s List

NEW CONCORD — Three local students have been named to the Fall 2019 Dean’s List at Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio.

Emily Sinclair of Pomeroy, Lauren Dunn of Racine and Kamryn Smith of Racine were all named to the Dean’s List.

To be named to The Dean’s List, students must earn a term GPA of 3.60 or above on a minimum load of 12 completed semester hours of A-F graded coursework.

McGuire named to President’s List at Youngstown State University

YOUNGSTOWN — Brianna McGuire, Marketing Management major from Gallipolis, has been named to the President’s List for achieving a perfect 4.0 grade point average in the Fall Semester 2019.

To be eligible for the President’s List, honorees must be full-time undergraduate students with a 4.0 GPA for least 12 semester hours of classes.

Local students named to Dean’s List

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Freed-Hardeman University congratulates more than 600 students who were named to the Fall 2019 Dean’s and President’s Lists.

Hannah McAnulty of Gallipolis, Ohio is among the students named to the Dean’s List. McAnulty is majoring in English.

Leah McAnulty of Gallipolis, Ohio is among the students named to the Dean’s List. McAnulty is majoring in interactive digital design.

Full-time students who achieve a 3.40 grade point average are named to the Dean’s List. To be on the President’s List, a student must be full-time and have a 4.0 grade point average.

The mission of Freed-Hardeman University is to help students develop their God-given talents for His glory by empowering them with an education that integrates Christian faith, scholarship and service. With locations in Henderson, Memphis and Dickson, FHU offers bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s and doctoral degrees. More information is available at

Rio announces Dean’s Honor and Merit Lists for Fall 2019

RIO GRANDE — The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College recently announces the students who have been recognized for the Fall 2019 Deans’ Honor and Merit Lists.

The Deans’ Honor list recognizes students who have achieved outstanding academic success by earning a 3.75 GPA or higher for the Fall 2019 term. The local students being recognized are: James Acree of Racine; Megan Bailey of Bidwell; Trevor Baker of Patriot; Katlyn Barber of Coolville; John Blankenship of Gallipolis; Dana Boggs of Patriot; Marian Brewer of Vinton; Patrick Brown of Bidwell; Mark Brown Jr. of Gallipolis; Taylor Carleton of Reedsville; Riley Colburn of Crown City; Jessica Coleman of Reedsville; Mark Cozart of Portland; Sierra Cress of Rio Grande; Kristen Cundiff of New Haven, W.Va.; Jacquelynn Dailey of Middleport; Kara Duley of Pomery; Mikayla Edelmann of Gallipolis; Sharp Facemyer of Pomeroy; Jacob Faro of Gallipolis; Joshua Faro of Gallipolis; Madison Fields of Pomeroy; Seth Flinner of Gallipolis; Joseph Forester of Gallipolis; Lesley Greene of Hartford, W.Va.; Evann Hall of Bidwell; Joseph Hamilton of Patriot; Danielle Haning of Pomeroy; Allison Hatfield of Pomeroy; Derek Henry of Gallipolis; Elizabeth Hensler of Racine; Kirsten Hesson of Gallipolis; Christian Higginbotham of Bidwell; Joel Horner of Bidwell; Megan Hornsby of Patriot; Amaya Howell of Gallipolis; Aaliyah Howell of Gallipolis; Douglas Huff of New Haven, W.Va.; Jolie Jarrett of Gallipolis; Jordan Johnson of Gallipolis; Taylor Jones of Middleport; Madison Keney of Pomeroy; Lora Kinney of Vinton; Colin Little of Bidwell; Madison Maynard of Racine; Chloe McCarty of Vinton; Cadha McKean of Gallipolis; Bailey Meadows of Gallipolis; Morgan Michael of Rutland; Ashleigh Miller of Vinton; Erica Milliron of Long Bottom; Elisabeth Moffett of Vinton; Joshua Moffett of Vinton; Erin Morgan of Bidwell; Haley Musser of Racine; Madelynn Nance of Gallipolis; Misty Peckham of Racine; Heather Phalin of Middleport; Autumn Porter of Racine; Adrianna Powell of Bidwell; Kelsie Powell of Pomeroy; Chasity Price of Patriot;

Mckayla Reece of Racine; Andrea Ritchie of Gallipolis; Allivia Runyon of Vinton; Patricia Rutt of Crown City;Sophia Scarmack of Albany; Shelby Schmitt of Fairfield; Michael Scyoc of Long Bottom; William Sheets of Bidwell; Carly Shriver of Cheshire; McKenzie Siders of Gallipolis; Samantha Smith of Pomeroy; Damien Spencer of Mason, W.Va.; Jamie Starcher of Long Bottom; Tayler Taylor of Bidwell; Katlin Thivener of Gallipolis; Aaliyah Tobin of Rutland; Keri Vanco of Bidwell; Emily Walker of Gallipolis; Mikah Walker of Gallipolis; Jordan Walker of Rio Grande; Bailey Watson of Gallipolis; Tess Wells of Long Bottom; Natalie Wilcoxon of Gallipolis; Miles Williams of Point Pleasant, W.Va.; Madelynn Wilson of Gallipolis; Alexis Wothe of Rio Grande; Barbara Wright of Gallipolis; Mikayla Wroten of Crown City; Candace Yongue of Wilkesville; Allie Young of Bidwell; Laura Young of Vinton; Hanna Young of Pomeroy; Kevin Young of Rutland; and Kyra Zuspan of Long Bottom, .

The Merit List honors students who have earned a 3.5-3.74 GPA for the Fall 2019 term. The local students being recognized are: Katelyn Barker of Gallipolis; Hannah Borden-Coleman of Rio Grande; Kayla Boyer of Racine; Maria Calhoun of Crown City; Kelsey Casto of Long Bottom; Teddi Casto of Reedsville; William Chapman of Pomeroy; Tori Church of Gallipolis; Chase Davis of Rio Grande; Celina Dray of Crown City; Caleb Fetzer of Rio Grande; Nicole Folmer of Pomeroy; Matthew Frank of Reedsville; Garrison George of Vinton; Kylie Gheen of Long Bottom; Hollie Goodell of Pomeroy; Kyler Greenlee of Bidwell; Erica Haner of Vinton; Timothy Hill of Gallipolis; Kayla Huffman of Rio Grande; Tristan Janey of Gallipolis; Jasper Johnson of Gallipolis; Jeremy Johnson of Gallipolis; Alisia Johnson of Gallipolis; Randi King of Cheshire; Raymond Lawson of Racine; Philip Luckeydoo of Bidwell; Aubree Lyons of Middleport; Jarret McCarley of Vinton; Kelsey McCombs of Bidwell; Gretchen McConnell of Patriot; Addie McDaniel of Long Bottom; Sarah Moffett of Vinton; Piper Moleski of Albany; Cierra Nease of Racine; Cherika Pennington of Vinton; Kendra Polinsky of Gallipolis; Rikki Sargent of Bidwell; Lauren Stewart of Pomeroy; Kristyn Stewart of Pomeroy; Kayley Stewart of Rutland; Ashley Templeton of Pomeroy; Abbygale Watson of Racine; Mollie Waugh of Gallipolis; Caleb West of Rarden; Madison Wood of Racine; Bailey Wray of Gallipolis; James Yongue of Vinton, .