Pembroke Club begins new year

The Pembroke Club began its 2019-20 year this fall with a dinner meeting at Zak and Scotty’s on Sept. 17. There were 10 members in attendance.

Vice President Alice Dachowski distributed the program booklets for the year. Lady Pennington graced the cover. The club’s name Pembroke was chosen in honor of Lady Anne Clifford, Countess of Pembroke and patroness of early English arts and literature. The booklets contain meeting dates, hostesses, and book reviewers for the year.

The Pembroke Club has been advancing women in literature since 1929. Pembroke’s first meeting was Sept. 3, 1929. The Club will be celebrating its 90th year as a book club on Sunday, Sept. 29. Anniversary planning member Marty Roderick gave the members an update on the event. Local book clubs and local authors have been invited.

The officers for the upcoming year are Annette Hope, president; Alice Dachowski, vice president; and Becky Carroll, secretary-treasurer.

Submitted by by Becky Carroll