Get a front row seat to democracy in action


It takes over 35,000 people to ensure things run smoothly on Election Day and we’re calling on you to enlist.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office is working with business leaders like you to get the word out about how anyone can become a poll worker, and in doing so, secure themselves a front seat to democracy in action.

In addition to serving their community, those who sign up will also be compensated for their time. They will earn around $100 for their service on Election Day and will also be paid for attending a training session. This could be used as extra spending money or even donated to a charity of their choosing.

It is important that elections in Ohio run smoothly and we hope you will consider making a day for democracy by partnering with Secretary Husted’s office to get the word out to your employees and members about this important opportunity to serve the community, state and country.

For more information on making your business a partner, or to sign up to be a poll worker, visit