Watson and McComas Reunion

PERRY TOWNSHIP — The Watson and McComas Reunion was held at Racoon Creek Park on Aug. 12 with 69 in attendance.

Patsy Stanley was the oldest member attending on both sides of the family. Neil Watson and Kenny McComas were next in line. Debra Watson asked the blessing over the food.

Those attending were: Andrew and Kayla McComas, Linda McComas, Barbara (McComas) Lovejoy, Kenny and Carolyn McComas, Bryan and Maddie Goodpaster, Merle, Connie, Cody and Kelsey Goodpaster, Barry and Brenda Bowman, Michael, Bridget, Koby, Dillon, Addisynn and Chey Conrad, Jason Goodpaster Glen, Taylor and Caden Cline, Neil Watson, Patsy Stanley and her five generations, Bob Watson, Donovan and Gloria Watson, Debra Watson, Brad Watson, Dorthy (Watson) Hunt, Donna (Watson) Massie, Phillip, Boston and Bristol Massie, Elizabeth Massie, Delbert Watson, Jayna and Jeffery Garnes, Keaton Herick, Julie Rodcliff Vance, Mary (Watson) Christian, Kelly Haner, Doyle and Joyce McDonald, Beverly Sullivan, CJ Mayes, Vickie and Jon Thomas, Brennen Young, Goble, Kim and Peyton Brumfield, Brittany Cox and Bentley Moore, Karlee Cox, Michael, Breanna, MaddaLee, Ayden, KentLee and Braylor Wolford, Patsy Stanley had five generations in attendance. Joyce McDonald, Kim Brumfield, Brittany Cox and Bentley Moore.

Make plans for next reunion Aug. 11, 2019 at Racoon Creek Park. 10 am – 3pm.