Higginbotham-Newell family reunion

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — The annual Higginbotham-Newell family reunion was Sept. 20 at Krodel Park Clubhouse in Point Pleasant.

There were 65 people in attendance. A pot-luck dinner was served with the Rev. Handley Dunn giving the blessing over the food. A special lady, Dorothy Newell, was honored for her 100th birthday which she celebrated Sept. 7.

Those attending were: Buffy and Kyra Riffle, Tad Martin, Carol and Carol Higginbotham, Xantha Glassburn, Rick, Isabella, and Katlyn Chapman, Tia Hemsley, Shirley Harmon, Paula McKinney, Harry and Janice Woyan, Joyce Bennett, Bonna Clonch, Charles and Norma Newell, Nicole and Conner Blessing, Joann Higginbotham, Charlotte, Michael, and Karlee Benson, Dorothy Newell, Margie Cornell, Handley Dunn, Russ and Kay Williamson, Zora Rawson, Jonathan and Dawana Dunn, Darlene Dunn, Lewis, Melissa, Randy, and Becky Williamson, Tim Casto, Erika and Madisyn Oxley, Amanda, Nathan, Helen, Morgan, and Payton Oldaker, Joey, Haleigh, and Harleigh Casto, Kelly Woyan, Rosita Casto, Kathy Casto, Harry, Penny, Haley, Carley and Katherine Woyan, Sue McKeever, Neal Jeffers, Paul, Nancy, and Leah Higginbotham, Daniel, Britney, and Bane Higginbotham, and Betty Higginbotham.

The next reunion will be Sept. 18, 2016, at Krodel Park Clubhouse in Point Pleasant.