Career College recognizes Constitution Day


GALLIPOLIS — On Sept. 13, the students, faculty and staff of the Gallipolis Career College recognized Constitution Day, an event established by federal law for colleges and universities to remember the importance of one of the foundational documents of our country on its anniversary date (September 17, 1787).

The Gallipolis Career College has commemorated the event each year. William E. Plants, instructor of American History and Political Science at the college, conducted the event. After he delivered opening remarks, the audience viewed a documentary about the Constitution and Plants then answered questions from the audience about the documentary and the Constitution itself before his closing remarks.

Plants credits his former professor, Judithe Thompson, with the following quote about the US Constitution: “It is an extraordinary document for ordinary people.” Plants added,“The Constitution is the culmination of ideas about limited government and personal liberties with roots extending back to Judeo-Christian principles, the Magna Carta of 1215 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689. The Constitution serves as a model of what political and other liberties should be for the peoples of the various nations on Earth.”

“America has only had one Constitution to serve the people of our country since ratification in 1788,,” said Plantz. “In contrast, France has had a different constitution for each of its governments, including the current Fifth Republic. The durability of our Constitution stands in contrast to those nations that change their governments violently by bullets and blades. In America, we use ballots for a peaceful change of leadership. Fidelity to the Constitution allows for the bloodless transition of government in the United States of America, which is a blessing not found in all countries on this planet.”

The administration of the Gallipolis Career College appreciates Plants’ continued faithfulness in assisting the college during this annual event and his ability in providing consistent standards of quality in helping the faculty, staff and students of the institution remember the importance of the Constitution.