Watson-McComas Reunion


The Watson and McComas Reunion was held Aug. 13 at the Raccoon Creek park with 85 in attendance.

Both sides had their only living aunt in attendance, Loretta McComas, 86. She was also the oldest family member there. The youngest was Bentley Moore who is the son of Matthew and Brittany (Cox) Moore. His birth made the fifth generation for Patsy Stanley (great-great grandmother), Joyce McDonald (great-grandmother), Kim Cox-Brumfield (grandmother) and Brittany Cox (mother).

Cecil Wise gave the blessing over the food. Several photos were taken of the family.

Those in attendance on the McComas side were: Loretta, Kenny, Carolyn, Jessie and Chelsey McComas. Stephany, Hunter, Peyton, Komer, Karmen, Jackson Eplin. Barry, Brenda Bowman. Michael, Bridget, Korey, Dillon Conrad. April. Shirly, Brian, Connie, Cody, Koyle, Kelsey Goodpasture.

On the Watson side: Neil, Karen, Bob, Donovan, Gloris, Tim, Nancy, Maralene Watson. Braxton Payne, Patsy Stanley, Doyle, Joyce McDonald. Karlee Cox, Brittany (Cox), Matthew, Bentley Moore. Kimberly, Goble Brumfield. Dorothy Hun. Kaitlyn Meade. Megan Fields, AnnaBell, Abby, Travis McDonald. Mike, Nikki Nance. Amanda, Mooch, Jada, Kaylee Chapman. Donna, Elizabeth, David, Phillip, Owen, Boston, Bristol Massie. Celeste Harrington. Diane Harless. Ayvah Hurlow. Cecil, Sue Wise. Robert (Tony) Walters. Jeffrey Garnes. David, Lizzy (Watson) Walters. Brenda, Kelly Haner. Amanda Mowery. Terry Cline. Missy, Tim, Brittany Hanna Davis. Dottie Wiley, Ashton Ansel.

The 2018 reunion will be held Aug. 12, 2018 at shelter 2.