Drummonds enjoy family reunion

The Drummond family reunion took place at First Church of God’s shelter house. Prayer was given before the meal.

This year, there were two new births: T.J. Reed, son of T.J. Reed and Mariah Smith, of Gallipolis; and Journey Faith Mayes, daughter of Zachary and Chanda Mayes, of Gallipolis.

Nicholas Mayes received a kidney transplant in June and is doing well.

Loved one who have passed on this past year: Pearlie Hall Drummond, Jeremy Drummond and John Williams.

Those attending included: Opal Barcus, Tom and Shirley Beaver, Kenny and Tammi Barcus, Matthew Beaver, Amanda Pritchard, Mary Arthur, Carolyn and Larry Drummond, Rebecca Wallace, Chelsey Wallace, Charles Wallace, Tyler Cochran, Riley Griffith, Ron and Martha Sexton, Rick and Cindy Sexton, Shawn Sexton, Jaden Sexton, Izail Drummond, Robert McGuire, Victoria Siders, Bonita Taylor, Lee Taylor, B.J. Taylor, Hazel Schoolcraft, Brenda and Darryl Drummond, Connie Reed, T.J. Reed, Mariah Smith, T.J. Reed II, Collin Reed, Raymond Burton, Suzy Williams, Carolyn Ross, James Drummond, Thelma Skidmore, Teresa Skidmore, Khloe Bonecutter, Shaylah Barcus, Matt Taylor, Jack Drummond, Kristin Drummond, Jaclynn Drummond, Barry Drummond, Calyssa Mayes, Nick Mayes and Lynn Mayes.

As a reminder, the reunion is always the second Sunday in September. Next year’s reunion will be Sept. 10, 2017.