Gallia man off to card tourney qualifer

By Dean Wright -

Conner Snow displays some of his cards that he will be taking to the world qualifying competition.

Dean Wright | Daily Tribune

CENTENARY — A Centenary man is heading to the 2016 North American World Championship qualifier for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game this weekend at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

Conner Snow, 20, attended last year’s North American world qualifier after receiving his invite by placing in tournaments like the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series matches. This year, he received two invites after placing in regional competitions — one in January in Columbus and the other in Chillicothe in April. In Columbus, he competed against 400 individuals and 250 in Chillicothe.

According to information collected by the Daily Tribune in a conversation with Snow last year, he started playing the card time in 2009. Yu-Gi-Oh! the trading card game is based on a Japanese comic series of the same name. Similar to games like Magic: The Gathering, individuals can buy booster packs and decks that come with a variety of cards ranging from rare to common. Players then build decks or trade cards in attempts to maximize upon strategies allowed by the cards within the game’s rule system. Some cards can be valued at a few thousand dollars to the right buyers.

“I got really overconfident after playing in the Columbus YCS and ended up not doing too great at the 2015 World Championship Qualifier,” Snow said. “In theory, I was one match away from Day 2-ing, but I still feel like I didn’t do that great because of overconfidence.”

“Day 2-ing” is when a player gets to move on to the second day of competition rounds in a tournament. Snow says it generally takes placing in the top 15 percent to get an invite to the world qualifier. The two previous regionals before the competition in Columbus back in January, Snow said he did not do as well because of his overconfidence. However, the next two competitions earned him his qualifier invites.

This year’s world qualifier begins July 9 and ends July 10. Snow said last year’s qualifier was one of the largest held in North America at more than 2,000 players.

“After you get your first invite, you know what it takes to actually (continue) getting them,” Snow said.

He said to make it to the world championship tournament, one must make one of the top six places in the world qualifier. This year’s world championship is in Orlando, Fla.

“You want to show confidence in yourself,” Snow said. “Telling yourself you’re going to win is good, but you don’t want that to overcloud the fact that you still need to try hard.”

He said heading to the world qualifier this year was not as exciting for him as it was going for the first time last year, but he is looking forward to testing his mettle against other players in hopes of claiming one of the six spots to head to the international competition in Florida.

Snow, in the past, has encouraged playing nights for the trading card game at Bossard Memorial Library, as well as at Next Level Gaming Center on Vine Street. He hopes to bring players like protegè Laramie Roush with him to the world qualifier in coming years. Snow said fellow Gallipolis player Roush was close to earning his invite this year and was showing promise with the game.

Snow said it is always good to have fellow players there to encourage one another in competition.

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Conner Snow displays some of his cards that he will be taking to the world qualifying competition. Snow displays some of his cards that he will be taking to the world qualifying competition. Dean Wright | Daily Tribune

By Dean Wright