Letter to the Editor

Reader wants Christians to ‘Get out and vote’

Richard Theiss

Awake Christians.

Get out this year and vote for a president that’s against abortion, gay rights and legalization of marijuana. I have talked to the state police and they said that pills and drugs are their worse concern in Gallia County. In years to come, China or Russia will take our country over because 3/4 of our people will be on drugs and unable to fight. When you see people on drugs, call the Gallia County Sheriff Department.

We as Christians can help out but cannot do it all. We are losing our God-given freedom.

This presidential election year will determine our future for years to come. Our country is becoming communist everyday.

I feel that God has laid this upon my heart to write this letter to all Christians. This is about me, Richard Theiss.

My wife and I lived with my parents Herman and Hattie Theiss for four years because I only had 11 years of education and couldn’t find work. I worked three years on the Great Lakes carrying iron to the steel mills out of Minnesota. My father was chief engineer at Gallipolis Roller Dam. One day my father asked me if I wanted a job on the river and from there I started a job on the M/V James M Bourie.

I worked for American Commercial Barge line for two years. From there, I worked the Monogahela in Pittsburgh for nine years. I learned to pilot there and got my licenses from Pittsburgh. I worked for Crounse Corp for 17 years as captain.

I lost my father in 1974 due to a stroke and my mother in 1976 due to an auto accident. I started drinking alcohol when I was off the boat due to the loss of my parents. At that time, I was not a Christian and in the early 80s I went to church with my wife and I was saved and baptized.

I attend the Patriot Mennonite Church. I love the people in the church and I love all of you and God bless you all

Richard Theiss


Reader wants Christians to ‘Get out and vote’

Richard Theiss