Reader wants an end to gerrymandering

Reader wants an end to gerrymandering

Dear Editor,

I read in the Daily Sentinel that the Meigs County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Day event in Pomeroy last week. One thing in particular caught my eye: Keith Faber, candidate for Auditor of State, said the he believes in “compact districts that benefit the voters of the district rather than special interest groups.”

I have good reason to doubt Mr. Faber here. During the 2011 redistricting process Faber intervened at the last minute with “tweaks” to state legislative lines. He manipulated the lines to gerrymander his own home into Ohio’s 4th Congressional district from the 6th Congressional district. You can Google the report by the League of Women Voters and see for yourself (the title is Ohio’s Gerrymandering Problem – Why Haven’t We Fixed This Yet?)

The Auditor is on the Redistricting Commission and will redraw legislative lines in 2021. They have the power to voice an end to gerrymandering. I’m sorry but someone who has personally participated in gerrymandering should not be trusted to do away with it. We need to end gerrymandering and not give control of the redistricting process to someone who has proven that they can’t be trusted!

Karen Williams

Rutland, Ohio

Reader wants an end to gerrymandering