Reader speaks out against gun legislation

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Dear Editor,

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the only group of citizens who have come together to let their government officials be aware of what they want.

As for the NRA (a group of citizens) being stronger than the presidency, no!!! It is the legislative representatives doing what most of their electorates want them to do. The presidency has to have checks and balances, that is why our founding fathers set up the democracy this way. Otherwise, you would just have a dictatorship which our forefathers were more aware of than us.

I keep hearing about 90 percent of the people and leaders in Washington wanting gun controls. This is absurd. Wake up, people. If this were so, it would be a done deal. All the legislators would automatically pass it because they know if they don’t, the people would vote them out. Then they would not have their cushy well paid jobs with power and prestige.

The “gun control bill” that failed in the Senate is a good example of people reaching out to their representatives.

Carl Saunders,

Gallipolis, Ohio


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