City man sentenced to 2 years for evidence tampering

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Anthony Wroblewski

GALLIPOLIS — Anthony Wroblewski, 20 of Gallipolis, pleaded guilty Tuesday to tampering with evidence and was sentenced to two years in a state prison.

“On April 6, 2016 the Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled over a vehicle for a license violation,” said Gallia County Assistant Prosecutor Britt Wiseman. “The vehicle contained the defendant and two other occupants. Inside the vehicle, the trooper discovered marijuana, rolling papers and a pipe. After the defendant was placed under arrest, he shoved a box of needles under the seat of the patrol cruiser. The defendant explained he was using the needles to shoot up suboxone, a controlled substance.”

When Wiseman hid the needles from the officer, he was tampering with evidence. In Ohio, tampering with evidence is a felony of the third-degree. Wroblewski admitted he was trying to hide the needles so he would not get into trouble.

“We prosecuted this same defendant for receiving stolen property back in 2015,” said Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins. “At that time, the only available remedy under Ohio law was adult probation. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to serve 24 months of adult probation. His probation has now been terminated as a result of this new case and he is currently serving his two -year sentence in prison.

Adkins thanked the OSHP trooper for his work and the assistance from the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office. Reportedly, Wroblewski was “on the radar of many” in the county, according to Adkins.

“I am pleased to announce the outcome of this sentencing,” Adkins said.

Anthony Wroblewski Wroblewski

Staff Report