McKinster sentenced to 11 months in prison

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Nancy McKinster

GALLIPOLIS — A Gallia County woman was recently sentenced to 11 months in prison for violation her community control after failing to make the necessary check-ins with her parole officer.

Nancy McKinster, 29, was originally convicted of receiving stolen property in March 2013. Her underlying felony conviction was the result of her stealing a credit card from an unlocked automobile in the McDonald’s parking lot on Eastern Avenue. The card was used by McKinster, along with another woman, at the Gallipolis Walmart and Gallipolis Speedway.

Surveillance footage from the stores revealed McKinster and the other woman used the stolen card to purchase various items. McKinster was identified by store management and brought in for questioning. After being questioned by the Gallipolis Police Department, McKinster admitted to using the stolen credit card at the two establishments.

In March 2013, McKinster pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony, and was placed on community control through the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas.

“The defendant did not report to her community control officer at all from June 2014 through December 2014,” said Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins. “This is one of the most basic requirements of community control. The defendants are ordered to report in order that they be drug-tested and monitored on a consistent basis. When they do not show up for their meetings, then we can only expect that there is a non-legitimate reason for their non-appearance.”

Receiving stolen property charges are often filed when investigators feel that an individual may have stolen property but do not have a strong enough evidence to charge them with something like theft. However, knowingly possessing stolen property is oftentimes enough to get a conviction in court.

The Ohio Revised Code defines receiving stolen property in section 2913.51 and says, “No person shall receive, retain or dispose of property of another knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the property has been obtained through commission of a theft offense.”

Nancy McKinster McKinster

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