OSHP focuses on impaired driving

OVI-related fatal crashes remain steady

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OHIO VALLEY – As part of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s ongoing effort to contribute to a safer state, troopers are continuing their increased focus on impaired driving enforcement — and these efforts are paying off.

For the fourth year in a row, troopers removed well over 24,000 impaired drivers from Ohio roadways.

OVI-related crashes accounted for 35 percent of all fatal crashes in Ohio in 2015, a percentage that has remained steady for the past 3 years.

There were 14,227 OVI-related crashes on Ohio roadways, killing 395 and injuring 8,478. Speed was a contributing factor in 60 percent of all OVI-related crashes. Of drivers considered at-fault in OVI-related crashes, 54 percent were in their 20s and 30s, and 71 percent were male.

“We need motorists to commit to keeping our roads safe by planning ahead to designate a driver and insisting that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up,” Lt. Max Norris, commander of the Gallia-Meigs post of OSHP, said. “You can also help fight the battle against impaired driving by actively influencing friends and family to do the same.”

Last year, state troopers from the Gallia-Meigs post arrested 250 impaired drivers in the Ohio Valley.

The public is encouraged to call #677 to report impaired drivers, drug activity or stranded motorists.

OVI-related fatal crashes remain steady

Staff Report


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