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Maestro Ray Fowler greets Maestro for a Moment Jan Bergdoll during the 2017 Christmas Show.

GALLIPOLIS — With the holidays at an end, the Ariel Opera House is gearing up for its spring season.

The Ariel Opera House is pleased to welcome Marshall University faculty members Dr. Júlio Ribeiro Alves, guitarist, and Dr. Wendell Dobbs, flutist who form Violauta Duo.

This program features popular tunes by Rossiniana and will be performed on 19th century instruments. The show will take place on the third floor of the Ariel Theatre and start at 2 p.m., Jan. 21.

Metheney: A Night of Country with guest Chris Keesey will take the state March 10 at 7 p.m.

The Southeastern Ohio Metheney is known for its radio hit “Drunk on Memories” and others. Metheney has played at the CMA fest in Nashville and has opened across the tri-state for nationally recognized recording artists. Vocalist, singer and songwriter Matt Metheney is joined by Keith McGrath, lead and rhythm guitar and vocals, Dan Turrner, bass guitar, and Chris Johnson, drums.

Chris Keesey is a songwriter from the Appalachian Foothills of Southeastern Ohio. He writes music about growing up, growing old, living and loving in rural America. He draws songwriting influence from the influental artists of classic country and modern Americana to create songs and sounds based on the stories and truths of living in the country.

American pianist Thomas Pandolfi is set to take the Ariel stage March 24 at 7:30 p.m. His orchestral appearances often feature not only the concerti by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Liszt, but also works by Paderewski, Rubinstein and Moszkowski. Additionally in the “Pops” genre, Thomas’ critically acclaimed performances of Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin), Concerto in F (Gershwin), Warsaw Concerto (Addinsell) and the James Bond Concerto (Proctor) are popular.

Among his engagements during the 2015-16 season, were as a guest soloist with The National Philharmonic, Ohio Valley Symphony, North Charleston Pops, Cheyenne Symphony, Maryland Symphony, Alexandria Symphony, Symphonicity, Amadeus Orchestra, McLean Orchestra and Frederick Symphony. During 2016-17, he will also be guest soloist with The Paducah Symphony, The Charlotte Symphony (FL), The Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic, The Amadeus Orchestra, The Tiraspol Philharmonic, The Alexandria Symphony, and The Maryland Symphony at The Garrett Lakes Arts Festival.

Maestro Ray Fowler greets Maestro for a Moment Jan Bergdoll during the 2017 Christmas Show.
http://www.mydailytribune.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2018/01/web1_1202172123f.jpgMaestro Ray Fowler greets Maestro for a Moment Jan Bergdoll during the 2017 Christmas Show.

Staff Report