Morgan sentenced to four years in prison

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Joshua Morgan

GALLIPOLIS —A Gallia County man recently received four years in a state penitentary for his role in possession of drugs.

Joshua T. Morgan, 22, of Gallipolis, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin, a felony of the second-degree, and was sentenced in the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas to serve four years in prison.

“Law enforcement had been receiving multiple complaints and anonymous tips from residents that there was heroin being sold on Cedar Street inside the city of Gallipolis,” said Gallia County Assistant Prosecutor Britt Wiseman. “The prosecutor’s office prepared a warrant, which was executed by the (Gallia-Meigs) Major Crimes Task Force at the residence on Cedar Street. During a search of the residence, 36.2 grams of heroin was located inside the closet of the defendant’s bedroom. The drugs were sent off to BCI (Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation) for testing and confirmed the presence of heroin.”

“Search warrants are sought by law enforcement officials to enter onto premises which are owned or controlled by private citizens,”said Assistant Prosecutor Eric Mulford. “In order to enter a residence or conduct a search, we are required to prove to a judge that there is probable cause of a crime and that there is evidence to be located at the specific premises to be searched. The prosecutor prepares the search warrant and it is presented to a judge for approval. Once approved, law enforcement may use the warrant to search the residence. Securing a warrant, which sometimes requires time and patience, allows us to ensure that the evidence is constitutionally obtained and, therefore, we can use it at trial against the defendant to secure a criminal conviction and prison sentence.”

Mogan was indicted by the Gallia County Grand Jury in April 2016. After the indictment was issued, Prosecutor Jeff Adkins’ Office commenced the criminal prosecution.

“This defendant is serving four years in prison because good people saw something and said something,” Adkins said. “The information from concerned citizens about their community are what allowed us to secure a search warrant for the premises and to confiscate the defendant’s heroin he had been selling. This defendant was arrested in March 2016, indicted in April 2016 and sentenced to prison in October 2016. That is the kind of swift justice that I will continue to pursue against drug dealers and those involved with the drug trade. You are not welcome here and we will find you.”

Joshua Morgan Morgan

Staff Report


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