Southwestern Elementary School Honor Roll

PATRIOT — The following students have been named to the Southwestern Elementary School Honor Roll for the first nine weeks grading period. An asterisk denotes all A’s.

K-A – Mrs. Morgan: Sage Booth, Linkin Brown, Nicki Cinco, Izzy Doss, Ella Elliott, Clyde Hunt, Bryce Livingston, Jacoby Manley, Paige McCormick, Sean Miller, Chase Remy, Johathan Saxton.

1A – Mrs.Carter: Keira Christian, Carson Cochran, Wyatt Frazier*, Leigha Kingery, John Manley*, Rory Martin*, Lilah Nolan*, Elexis Ray*, Trevan Ross*, Aiden Ruggles*, Branda Rutter, Clay Salyers, Paisley Spurlock*, Gabe Stover, Aaron Swords, Wesley Whealdon.

2A – Mrs. Wood: Braxton Crews*, Owen Davies*, Morgan Davis*, Chaze Jividen, Jereth Kirby*,Ashlee Lambert, Grace Matovich*, Wyatt Myers*, Zuyleme Reitmire*, Ava Smith*, Skyler Spurlock, Magdalynn Stover*, Morgan Taylor*.

3A – Mrs. Barry: Braden Thornton*, Wade Barcus, Garrett Gilbert, Harley Hale, Reed Layton, Carlee Manley, Marissa McGuire, Bentlea Ross, Emma Smith.

4A – Mr. Burnette: Reegan Brown, Emilee Lambert*, Ella Nida, Alexis Nolan, Leah Skidmore*, Sammi Walter.

4B – Mrs. Hood: Katelyn Hatfield.

5A – Mrs. Walker: Hannah Chapman, Cadence Shockey


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