It’s tea time for local businesswoman

By Miranda Wood -

Pictured here is Marshell Brown, owner of A Pup and A Cup Tea, at a local vendor event.

GALLIPOLIS — Tea is no longer relegated to China.

A Pup and A Cup Tea Company based out of Gallia County includes, Marshell and Dan Brown, and “Dave,” a master tea blender, who resides in Indiana. All work together to bring A Pup and A cup Tea to life.

Every type of tea is tested by Marshell.

“I have tasted every type of tea we have and I know what all the properties are that we put in the teas,” she said. “I will not sell a tea that I have not tasted myself. When someone is questioning the type of tea they should buy, I want to be able to explain to them how each tea tastes, the aroma of the tea, and how the tea can benefit this person.”

Marshell helps to blend teas and creates the concepts for new flavors which she has been doing for over two years. Her husband, Dan runs much of the social media,their website, and does the labeling and packaging for the teas. Dave, the “master tea blender” blends about 70 percent of all the basic teas and has been blending teas for over 30 years. It took Marshell six months of searching to find a tea blender who would work with a private individual.

According to Mashell, he is “an encyclopedia of teas.”

She added: “Dave is an introverted man, he is usually a man of little words, but he loves tea and is an expert of it and as long as the conversations are kept to the subject of tea, everything runs smoothly.”

She explained she “has learned a lot from Dave and they have a natural respect for tea blending.”

Marshell, works with people on a one-on-one basis with regards to the medicinal aspects of the tea.

“People do ask about medicinal tea benefits and I work with each person individually,” she said. “I get messages from people about specific purposes and the benefits of the herbs and teas we have; I always try my best to answer their questions. I am not a doctor but I am learning more each and every day. I love what I do and have a passion for tea and all the benefits it can have.”

She stated, that she “first and foremost, always checks drug interactions with certain teas and then we go from there. For example, there are many properties of tea that can help different ailments or needs.”

She said chamomile tea, is good to help “calm the nerves” and can “aid in relaxation” where echinacea helps to boost the immune system.

In February, A Pup and A Cup will be coming out with five new blends. All of the teas at A Pup and A Cup are natural and most are organic, they can be found on their website and in Willow Wood Antique Mall in Gallipolis. A Pup and A Cup can be reached by their Facebook page or on their website,

Pictured here is Marshell Brown, owner of A Pup and A Cup Tea, at a local vendor event. here is Marshell Brown, owner of A Pup and A Cup Tea, at a local vendor event.

By Miranda Wood